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  • The Tuna Hunter Ch.1 “The Empty Quarter “

    1. THE EMPTY QUARTER Alone above the Pacific Ocean, just south of the Equator, the tiny speck in the immense sky seemed lost and out of place. It circled, hung around for a while, and then popped off to look at another interesting piece of ocean. Slowly, it grew in size, and became a Bell […]

  • The Tuna Hunter Ch.2 “The Contract “

    2. THE CONTRACT The light in the dingy room was subdued, coming as it was from a single dim bulb that hung precariously from a cracked light fitting. The room was sparsely furnished, with an old desk, a few decrepit chairs that looked as if they had been used in a bar room brawl, and […]

  • The Tuna Hunter Ch.4 “Lake Geneva “

    Ch 4. LAKE GENEVA The beautifully manicured hands, fingers spread, underwent a minute inspection, that lasted a long time. A very expensive after shave fragrance was added to the atmosphere, and the exquisite crystal and gold framed mirror recorded a slick face, with the eyebrows knotted slightly, as if the owner was calculating, or deep […]

  • The Tuna Hunter Ch.3 “The Caddock lambs “

    3. THE CADDOCK LAMBS All her friends and family felt she should have been a vet. Such were her patent abilities with animals. Her father’s dairy farm afforded her many opportunities to work with animals of all kinds. Cows, sheep, chickens, dogs, cats, geese, ducks and a lone tortoise all seemed to thrive under her […]

  • The Tuna Hunter Ch.5 “The Refuse Barrel “

    Ch 5. THE REFUSE BARREL Life on board ship had its lighter moments. Standing up on the helideck, Bob looked down in amusement at the furtive preparations being made to initiate a new crew member. Poor little Pablo, blissfully unaware, stood where he had been told to, waiting for orders. Small in stature, with long […]

  • Jeremy’s War: Introduction by the author

    INTRODUCTION The problem I faced with this novel, was to reconcile historical accuracy with the exigencies of dramatic impact. A serious World War One historian will recognize a great many historically accurate details, such as many of the remarks and actions of the ‘Hunter’, the British general’s complaint that his men (fresh out of the […]

  • Jeremy’s War: Chapter 1 “Sleepless Nights “

      Ch.1 SLEEPLESS NIGHTS Jeremy Armstrong lay in bed, gazing up at the ceiling. Wondering. He took another swig of beer, and realized he was getting quite drunk. It didn’t matter. He had nowhere to stagger to. He was already home, in bed. Strangely, that was part of the problem. The coal fire had nearly […]

  • Jeremy’s War: Chapter 2 “Butterflies “

      Ch.2 BUTTERFLIES He gazed in awe at the flying machine they called an ‘RE8’, and wondered how he could ever hope to learn to fly. Butterflies roamed around his stomach, and a vague dizziness refused to go away. Their instructor, Captain Kershaw, was droning on at great length, but Jeremy was hardly listening. He […]

  • Jeremy’s War: Chapter 3 “Kershaw’s Chicks “

      Ch.3 KERSHAW’S CHICKS The next few days were exciting and stimulating beyond anything Jeremy had ever experienced before in his young life. Unbelievably, incredibly, he, Jeremy Armstrong, rumored stay-at-home-Pansy, was learning to fly. Haltingly at first, with many surprises, and much bemused wondering why it was that on occasions the R.E.8 – nicknamed Mathilda […]

  • Jeremy’s War: Chapter 4 “To travel hopefully “

    Chapter 4 TO TRAVEL HOPEFULLY   Jeremy journeyed to France feeling a mixture of emotions. The decision, once made, after such intense soul searching, to go to war, had brought little spiritual respite. His mind whirred feverishly on. He was excited at the prospect of doing lots of flying, but nervous of new surroundings, new […]