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  • Reflections on 3-30-21

    Main Index – Click HERE Reflections on  3-30-21 Staring in quiet disbelief, not to mention quiet sadness, at the attached (on target) meme, I find myself, as per not unusual, sleepless and perplexed. Wondering how we ever got here. I never saw it coming. Did you? I sensed big trouble. But nothing like this. How […]

  •      MAIN INDEX Welcome…! For everybody's convenience, this is the archive for discussions and topics we cover in our Holocaust, etc, working group on   (  CLICK on any LINK.   Introduction – Welcome to HolocaustGAB Holocaust Normie Challenge List               a.k.a. 'Holocaust sticking points'           1. Red Cross Records  (wholly contradict the alleged 'six million'         2. Aerial Photos   (although frequent, show no supporting […]

  • Welcome to HolocaustGAB

    Main Index – Click HERE Welcome to…! Introduction 1.  Bless us. Few subjects are more prone to singular unpleasantness, than the 'Holocaust'. Not to mention hate, vitriol, even violence and physical bullying. Not to also mention persecution, prosecution, and imprisonment. It appears almost impossible to have a calm, rational discussion. To simply look at all […]

  • Limitations of the written language on GAB

    may 4th, 2020 Limitations of the written language on GAB Many of us love the written language. But few would deny that the written language is open to misunderstanding, whether accidental, or contrived-deliberate. Taking just the familiar expressions “I love you ” and “I hate you “. If you reflect on it, in the SPOKEN […]

  • Making whoopee on GAB

    On GAB.COM you can always find the derelicts, making whoopee and holding forth. Good fun. Biela Rasa@bielarasa said, speaking to Johann Cater @Titanic_Britain_Author “One of the least talked about Scientific facts is Bell Theorem or Non-Locality of the Universe. It has been tested by the “Aspect Experiments' yet Scientists don't want to accept it in […]

  • On GAB, and 'diddley squat'

    Posted in The Great Cosmic Kindness – Group Cosmic Wanderer  July 30, 2019   03.15 am    Insomnia… On Gab, and 'diddley squat' I have written six books, including two long novels. That is not a boast, and hopefully, has not swollen my little Irish head. I am careful to remind myself it means diddley squat.  A quiet morning in a […]

  • GAB Group/Discussion Overview

    GAB GROUP/Discussion Overview Note: NONE of these GROUP links work   Must be the way GAB is set up         “THE COMING EUROPEAN CIVIL WAR(S)” Note 1: WWW.GAB.AI is the up and coming competitor to Twitter and Facebook, and is dedicated to Free Speech.     It is increasingly being supported by Free Speech advocates, who see that right, especially […]

  • Response to Gab #1

    Response #1 to Gab contributors ref column “The Coming European Civil War(s) 2/1/2018 Firstly, thank you for your participation. Here follows some thoughts that I hope will enable further fruitful exploration of the likelihood (or not) of increasing violence in Europe. It partly reflects inputs received. 1) I maintain that there are plenty of Westernized […]