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  • Of Helicopters and Humans (42) “Hey Moggy! All that stuff you used to TEACH? “

    Of Helicopters and Humans Part 42: “Hey, Moggy! All that stuff you used to TEACH?? “ ( “do YOU know it…? “) I taught Fixed Wing, Helicopters, Instrument, Night, Aerobatics and Tail Draggers (the aeroplane variety and the human sort) for many years, and there comes a point you maybe start thinking… what? That you […]

  • Of Helicopters and Humans (41) “The Fame Gallopers “

    Of Helicopters and Humans (part 41) “The Fame Gallopers” A topmost peak lacks any people Higher. The west wind pierces All night: chillier. You ride the snow To pass a hanging cliff, Cross a cloud to watch The torrent spew. Remember The fame gallopers. It’s hard For them to find the road Among blue Clouds. […]

  • Of Helicopters and Humans (40) “The Fermi Paradox “

    Of Helicopters and Humans Part 40: The Fermi Paradox Some things have long intrigued me. Understanding, despite my best efforts, eludes me. No, I’m not referring to Woman. Although in that area too, my L-plates are permanent. What I am referring to is the great “Fermi Paradox”. If there are billions of stars, more stars […]

  • Of Helicopters and Humans (39) “Does High Intelligence equate to a Safe Pilot? “

    Of Helicopters and Humans (39) “Does High Intelligence equate to a Safe Pilot? ” FIRST PUBLISHED ON JUST HELICOPTERS ‘BLOG’ It’s a puzzling story. Have you heard it? It’s a recurrent theme… A highly intelligent man. Who learns to fly. Helicopters or airplanes. And amasses plenty of flight hours. Plenty of experience. Yet insists on […]

  • Of Helicopters and Humans (38) – “That beam in my eye “

    Photo: Steve Apperley Of Helicopters and Humans (38) FIRST PUBLISHED ON “JUST HELICOPTERS “ “That Beam in my Eye “ (With thanks to Med crew member Dave Giles for the peanut butter recipe, and Med crew member Jon Fowler for the adipose tissue) (yeah, I know, slow day at the Base) There’s an interesting old […]

  • Of Helicopters and Humans (37) “Zen, and the art of Flight Instructing “

    My alternate uniform, a constant source of problems Of Helicopters and Humans (37) “Zen, and the Art of Flight Instructing “ First Published Feb 23, 2015 on the “Just Helicopters ” blog Throughout History, both recorded, and (thankfully) not, men have chosen to instruct men. And women. And, (I hasten to be poli-tickle-ally correct) women […]

  • Of Helicopters and Humans (36 ) “Unpopular Decisions “

    Of Helicopters and Humans Part 36: Unpopular Decisions (First published on “Just Helicopters – Blog ” on Dec 7th, 2014) It is impossible to please everybody all the time, and sometimes it is impossible to please somebody anytime. That’s life. Or the rolling decks of slippery Matrimony. You wanted to be a sailor, and see […]

  • Of Helicopters and Humans (35) “Do you see any wires? “

    Photo: Francis Meyrick Of Helicopters and Humans (35) Do you see any wires? “Do you see any wires?”, I asked the cop on the ground. “No”, he said, positively. His firm voice inspired confidence. We had been on a drawn out Night Law Enforcement Mission, chasing a crazy guy on PCP. It’s another story. He […]

  • Of Helicopters and Humans (34) “Are you a Bobblehead? “

    Of Helicopters and Humans (34) “Are you a Bobble Head? “ It’s a serious question – Are You? If you fly helicopters for a living, you ought to be. Believe me. I am. If you don’t remember Bobble Heads, they were all the rage in the seventies’. Bobble Head Dogs, for some reason, were really […]

  • Of Helicopters and Humans (33) ‘A Mental Midget’ – “Moggy and the Goose “

    Of Helicopters and Humans (33) A Mental Midget (4) – “Moggy and the Goose” Sooner or later, if you pursue a career in aviation, especially if you venture into the rotary world, with lots and lots of off-site landings, I can guarantee you will encounter all sorts of critters. I urge you to exercise extreme […]