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  • My Third Novel: Problems – Part 1

    My Third Novel… Problems – Part 1 Problem. My third novel…. Realism, accuracy, historical references. Believe-ability. My first two novels (“Jeremy’s War” & “The Tuna Hunter”) (e-books on were, by comparison, much more straightforward. I slowly built the characters, frequently based in part on Life, Death, and my adventures enroute, too often (just) past […]

  • No longer shall my heart be Quiet – Ch.5

    “No Longer shall my Heart be Quiet “ Chapter 5  –  A taste of Hickory It was so much fun. The highlight of an otherwise interminably boring day. Sitting at the school gates, waiting for the pretty, shy young girls to come walking out. In their black skirts. White blouses. Openly leering, the high testosterone men, some […]

  • No longer shall my heart be Quiet – Ch.4

    “No Longer shall my Heart be Quiet “ Chapter 4:    Tankman Tommy Robinson Bellowing bold defiance at the top of his lungs, the protester balanced precariously on top of the Downing Street gates. Behind and below him, a sea of faces cheered him on. Patriots waved St George flags. Hastily prepared placards said it all: # […]

  • No longer shall my heart be Quiet – Ch.3

    “No Longer shall my Heart be Quiet “ Chapter 3:    Enter the Rogue Cops Detective Inspector Hjalmar Andreasson was a changed man. He had taken to staring out the window for long hours. Silent, uncommunicative. Brooding. Worrying. Staring into the distance. Not seeing the optical reflection of physical items within his range. Neat Swedish houses, white […]

  • "No longer shall my Heart be Quiet" – Ch.2

    “No longer shall my Heart be Quiet” Chapter 2:   Enter the Brave Gustav knows the First Step Cell members, of which he is just an ordinary member, very well. Younger men mostly, they have nonetheless known each other for many years, from well before the date of the Great Betrayal, on September 5th, 2015. A Day […]

  • No longer shall my heart be Quiet Ch.1

    “No longer shall my heart be Quiet” Chapter 1:   Malmo Reflections Malmo, Sweden. The city of his birth. In the early morning. With a dull, grey overcast, a persistent drizzle, and a surreal sense of… what? Foreboding, probably. Latent, emerging fear. The monster meeting the new day, already voracious. Ah… listen. Distant sirens, feeble attempts to […]