Category: Auto-biographical (tuna helicopters)

  • Loco Ocean Life

    Cabin fever – Going Crazy on a boat Your mind is an interesting thing. It can be a great contributor of thoughts of valor and intrigue but… It can also be its own undoing. Since nearing 8 months in the fishing ground. The relevance of “That guy said he was going crazy ” is more […]

  • Good Pilot! I can be that!

    Good Pilot We must first examine a balance that can make a pilot 'good.' A good balance of attributes seems to be the key. A balance that can prevent the hazardous attitudes of aviation. Except for anti-authority, a slight amount of this is required because your ship, your ultimate command decision may be needed without […]

  • Veritas

    “THE MOST DANGEROUS RISK OF ALL – THE RISK OF SPENDING YOUR LIFE NOT DOING WHAT YOU WANT ON THE BET YOU CAN BUY YOURSELF THE FREEDOM LATER… ” Veritas is a Latin word meaning truth… A symbol of my longing for freedom and my hobby of flying things. To see the world on the […]

  • Learning to Fly Helicopters (7B) “The Dark Side of the Sun “

    Note: “Alternative version” – I just could NOT get it down right. I went round and round the houses, struggling to say something. I just could NOT get it down the way I wanted on paper. So… in the end, here are BOTH versions of Chapter 7. Maybe the kind reader, between the two versions […]

  • Learning to Fly Helicopters (7) “Joy, Caution, and Tragedy “

    “I am a small Man, limited and struggling, but the Universe is my Father “ Learning to Fly Helicopters Ch.7 “Joy, Caution, and Tragedy” I have been scribbling stuff all my life. But some chapters, some stories, have waited many decades to be written. Many are still… waiting. I don’t quite know why. Reluctance, for […]

  • Learning to Fly Helicopters (6) ‘General Flight Test, and dreams’

    It is our dreams that sustain us, and carry us forwards Learning to Fly Helicopters Ch.6 General Flight Test and Beyond The Great Day had dawned. The written exams were all passed. The required flight hours and training had been accomplished. There remained only the GFT. The General Flight Test. That I would be flying […]

  • Learning to Fly Helicopters (5) “Oh, oh, Oops! Sorry! “

    Learning to fly helicopters Ch. 5 “oh, oh, oops…! Sorry…!” And so it came to pass that I turned up at an airfield that I had not previously been to. Innocently, full of the best intentions, I proceeded on down to land. High time fixed wing pilot, fixed wing CFII, low time helicopter student pilot. […]

  • Learning to fly Helicopters (4) ‘Auto-tribulations’

    Learning to fly Helicopters Ch. 4 “Auto-tribulations ” (For Sam Mohring, because he said he’d like a sequel…) It was several more months before I could get back to California. This time I turned up with a very different attitude. Gone were the doubts. In their place was a lot more confidence. Confidence in the […]

  • A Blip on the Radar (43) “Vertical Flight without a Helicopter “

    A Blip on the Radar Part 43: “Vertical Flight, without a Helicopter” In my dreams, in common with many people, I have achieved amazing feats of levitation, and flying under my own power. Sailing through the sky, accepting that my spontaneous flying abilities were perfectly normal. Invariably, these experiences were pleasing and relaxing. They seemed […]

  • Moggy’s Tuna Boat Helicopter Manual

    NOW AVAILABLE IN E-BOOK FORMAT CLICK HERE Moggy’s Tunaboat Helicopter Manual (excerpt from or (Note: maybe a little technical in places for the lay reader; where there is an “icon ” it’s probably readable even for the armchair pilots) Click on any link Moggy’s Tunaboat Helicopter Manual – Introduction Moggy’s Tunaboat Helicopter Manual […]