Category: Auto-biographical (spiritual quest)

  • Why the stupid Greed?

      Why the stupid greed? In the autumn of my little life, I, a simple enough, not-terribly-bright, God-respecting man, marvel at the human race. I really do. For decades now, I’ve regarded Life as a very interesting, albeit too brief, sojourn on a really cool little planet. A taster, kinda thing. Hopefully, I and others […]

  • Beyond the Garden gate

  • Luminescent, you

    May 11,2020 Luminescent, you. It’s funny how you waltzed into my life, so softly. It was spring, I remember, when I first saw you. I was oiling a gun. I gasped, and held my breath.  I was hoping so, that you would stay with me. Part of me wanted to plead with you, like a shy […]

  • Well, my brother. Who do we embrace?

    May 7, 2020 Well, my brother. Who do we embrace? “Thus death, this most potent imaginative idea and reality that doesn't exist except as a mystery about which anything we say is speculation, can be used for good and evil, depending on who controls society.” 1)   I say, simply, that living has a 100% fatality […]

  • I'm a Christian. Fight? I can't fight.

    “BUT, but…. I'm a Christian. Fight? I can't fight. I must only love. And forgive.”        I see this conundrum a lot. Personally heard it, too. When is this a valid reasoning?  And when does it become a sophisticated excuse for inaction, even rank cowardice? GAB claims/has a million subscribers, and of those, a small, yappy minority […]

  • Mandatory Conviction

    A frequent area of Puzzlement – 'Entrenchment, & 'Mandatory Conviction' A frequent area of bewilderment for my tiny, groping mind, is what I might loosely term 'entrenchment'.  A (strong) tendency among men and grazing beasts, (and promenading ladies), to double down on what seems to feel good. Or taste good. Or attract a mate. And look […]

  • Crossroads Moment

      Crossroads Moment   There was a time, decades long, I tried to fill my mind. I ceaselessly crammed all kinds of noisy cr*p in there. Now I’m often trying to empty the conceited bastard. That… just seems a whole lot harder. Learning the systems on, say, an AS355F1, twin turbine helicopter takes time. But […]

  • A cold, dark, wintery night

    It’s a cold, dark, wintery night. The wind tears furiously around my isolated, ancient, wooden cabin. Rain spatters staccato on the roof. Somewhere in the distance, a poor dog, tied up cruelly outside, howls his abandoned loneliness. My old pooch, by comparison, is snoring peacefully (and rather loudly) beside me on the carpet. Cozy-comfortable, and […]

  • The Great Mystery

      The Great Mystery “Good morning, Great Spirit “. I have not finished my first coffee yet. On my lap, a faithful old dog. Only hopped up a minute ago. Already fast asleep. Snoring. It’s a quiet morning. Pale blue, wintery sky. Not a breath of wind. Temperature hovering just above freezing. Frost. The early […]

  • One Awful Racket

    One awful racket He knew he was just a simple fellow. Not terribly bright. With a lot he really didn't understand. So his prayers were very unpolished. Just what he honestly thought. “Great Lord, or Great Spirit or Great Entity, how-ever I should address you…” He paused, knowing in his heart that he meant no […]