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  • Why the stupid Greed?

      Why the stupid greed? In the autumn of my little life, I, a simple enough, not-terribly-bright, God-respecting man, marvel at the human race. I really do. For decades now, I’ve regarded Life as a very interesting, albeit too brief, sojourn on a really cool little planet. A taster, kinda thing. Hopefully, I and others […]

  • Beyond the Garden gate

  • Luminescent, you

    May 11,2020 Luminescent, you. It’s funny how you waltzed into my life, so softly. It was spring, I remember, when I first saw you. I was oiling a gun. I gasped, and held my breath.  I was hoping so, that you would stay with me. Part of me wanted to plead with you, like a shy […]

  • Well, my brother. Who do we embrace?

    May 7, 2020 Well, my brother. Who do we embrace? “Thus death, this most potent imaginative idea and reality that doesn't exist except as a mystery about which anything we say is speculation, can be used for good and evil, depending on who controls society.” 1)   I say, simply, that living has a 100% fatality […]

  • I'm a Christian. Fight? I can't fight.

    “BUT, but…. I'm a Christian. Fight? I can't fight. I must only love. And forgive.”        I see this conundrum a lot. Personally heard it, too. When is this a valid reasoning?  And when does it become a sophisticated excuse for inaction, even rank cowardice? GAB claims/has a million subscribers, and of those, a small, yappy minority […]


    LOGHOMESINSURANCE SUX.COM     FARMERSMUTUAL(FMBC)SUX.COM      FarmersMutualofBurnetCounty(FMBC) 123 N Washington St, Fayetteville, TX 78940                                           “An Ode to FRED ROBERTS, INSURANCE MAN”      When it comes to being insured it's easy to get lured but all the smarmy will drive you barmy when you end up getting manured. I've tried to talk to Fred but he hides in the shed […]

  • Mandatory Conviction

    A frequent area of Puzzlement – 'Entrenchment, & 'Mandatory Conviction' A frequent area of bewilderment for my tiny, groping mind, is what I might loosely term 'entrenchment'.  A (strong) tendency among men and grazing beasts, (and promenading ladies), to double down on what seems to feel good. Or taste good. Or attract a mate. And look […]

  • Crossroads Moment

      Crossroads Moment   There was a time, decades long, I tried to fill my mind. I ceaselessly crammed all kinds of noisy cr*p in there. Now I’m often trying to empty the conceited bastard. That… just seems a whole lot harder. Learning the systems on, say, an AS355F1, twin turbine helicopter takes time. But […]

  • A cold, dark, wintery night

    It’s a cold, dark, wintery night. The wind tears furiously around my isolated, ancient, wooden cabin. Rain spatters staccato on the roof. Somewhere in the distance, a poor dog, tied up cruelly outside, howls his abandoned loneliness. My old pooch, by comparison, is snoring peacefully (and rather loudly) beside me on the carpet. Cozy-comfortable, and […]

  • The Great Mystery

      The Great Mystery “Good morning, Great Spirit “. I have not finished my first coffee yet. On my lap, a faithful old dog. Only hopped up a minute ago. Already fast asleep. Snoring. It’s a quiet morning. Pale blue, wintery sky. Not a breath of wind. Temperature hovering just above freezing. Frost. The early […]