Book Reviews

My Books are available on Amazon, both in printed format and Kindle.

1) Blip on the Radar

A series of short stories describing the thrills, spills, and admitted perils, of flying helicopters off Taiwanese and Korean Tuna fishing boats.

2) Helicopters and Humans

A series of short stories describing other helicopter flying adventures, not in the Tuna Fields.


3) Moggy’s Musings

A wandering, wondering, slightly perplexed look at humanity, self, and the Spiritual Quest that some of us embark upon. And others? Never much bother with. Fancy that.


4) Jeremy’s War – the novel

This is my first novel. Big old tome. I’m always amazed how many people steam through that lot in only three or four days.
It combines different ingredients. I owned and flew several different types of open cockpit biplanes, and I flew (and instructed) aerobatics. I also love History. And I have a strong anti-War, pacifist-leaning, semi-Buddhist revulsion towards war. At the same, I was trained to shoot. And fight. Man is Man. There is no point in being an easy kill. So the hero of the novel, Jeremy Armstrong, combines all those characteristics, and flies, fights, and kills, in the brutal WW1 air war, over France and Germany. And he loves, deeply. Or tries to.


5) The Tuna Hunter – the novel

This is my second novel. Another big old write. Based on a lot of auto-bio, I place my hero on a Taiwanese tuna fishing vessel, flying a helicopter. He is essentially a mellow, but restless character, trying hard to understand the world around him. And, ever more perplexing? The musing monk, and the cold, vicious demon, at war, within himself. Romance and hate, caring and cruelty. A lot… of auto-bio. I despise violence. It’s the lowest form of biomass squabbling. And yet? I maintain my own, small, well stocked arsenal. I shall not be walked over.