Auto Biographical – Spiritual Quest

I believe in something truly amazing. I can’t help it. I just sense this absolutely Amazing Presence. I sometimes refer to it as the “Great Cosmic Kindness.”
Having said that, I seem to have always struggled to get along with so-called ‘organized religion’. I’m kind of the outcast, who doesn’t fit in well, into polite, staid, self-satisfied, churchey society. I have met wonderful Christians, of many denominations, who were kind and sensitive towards me. But I can also say that of Atheists, Agnostics, and Pagans.
I tend to recklessly open my dissenting mouth, when silence and/or a loud ‘Amen!” is both expected, and, um, politically speaking, wise. I have been politely asked to leave certain churches in the past, for various crimes, including doubting the Holocaust, opposing so-called Judeo-Christian Zionism, and worrying out loud if we’re all just going through shallow, ritualistic motions. Whilst actually more devoutly serving Mammon, and the Golden Calf. I have asked if maybe what we’re doing is just a shallow, opportunistic, religious insurance policy. Not a heart-felt, life-changing, stunning, revolutionary outlook. And, to be fair, rolling up to Bible Study on two wheels, tipsy as a newt, slurring my verses, cracking blue jokes, and not really giving a damn? Well, it didn’t help, either.
So my church is more Nature, where I wander, and ponder, under the Open Sky. I’m happiest there.
I scribble to try and work things out, in my confused head. It’s kind of self therapy. I just lose myself in rhyme & verse. Books and thought. Quiet reflection. And Harley Davidson time. Loud exhausts. I ride fast like the clappers. You know, to make up for too much of the quiet sh*t.
The scribbling is divided into different categories. Symbolism is a favorite one, because I can summarize the complex in a few words. Then there’s amazing dreams, of which I have many.

There’s poetry, too. And Childhood memories.